Mon, January 22, 2018

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Research & Development

Research & Development:

The true beauty of Bangladesh lies in its humble rustic life; which is considered as a great facet in this extensively fertile land, famous for its agriculture industry. Bangladesh, which is quite rich in cultivatable land, still has peasants who follow primitive farming methods in order to make ends meet.  The scenic rural beauty of village life in Bangladesh is incomparable to any other destination point all throughout the world. The simplicity and gracefulness with which its countryside denizens display their golden smile while greeting any guest; either known or alien can only be appreciated by being physically present in this alluring delta. The hospitable populace of Bangladesh habitually opens their arms to all visitors, whether national or international without seeking any form of tangible benefit in return. Bangladesh is a land of stories where each individual has his/her personal story which is exceptionally unique and to be shared with visitors from all over the world.

Bangladesh is a natural picturesque country containing a host of different ancient archeological sites, historic monuments, pristine beaches, grandiose forests and an amazing diversity of wildlife. Bangladesh is a riverine nation containing locations filled with attractive and panoramic beauty. It also contains lots of hills, vales, mangrove forests, along with the longest beach in the world.

In Bangladesh, the infra-structural arrangement for tourism services is developing, as well as the role of government on developing tourism aspects is becoming extensively positive, along with private and public organizations having come forward side by side to attract the local and foreign tourists; Bangladesh has a bright prospect for its tourism industry. The tourism industry of Bangladesh can now expand adequately having matched all the minimum requirements for its development. However, there is quite a heavy requirement for research in order to pin point the unique selling proposition for our tourism industry along with the need to research various topics on the scope of nature based tourism, research based tourism, culture based tourism and eco-tourism .

The Bangladesh Tourism Board strives to creatively portray our motherland Bangladesh, to the global community; and in a manner which would garner both attention and attraction from our target base. Therefore it is imperative for us to learn about the mindset of a tourist, which can only be achievable through hard work and rigorous research. The Bangladesh Tourism Board is conducting research work through its enlisted agency MEL-CEMS Joint Venture. They have been handed the task to create research reports on the following topics:

(a) Market Analysis of Bangladesh Tourism

(b) Product Analysis of Bangladesh Tourism