Boga Lake is the highest natural lake of Bangladesh situated at Bandarban. Boga Lake is around 10 acres in size and situated 1800 feet above the sea level, surrounded by hills. Lake water is so crystal clear that one can see fishes under the beautiful blue colored transparent water. Another wonderful point about this lake is, it changes its colour from time to time.You can enjoy camp fire beside the lake, that will be unbelievable and mind-blowing memory in your life. There is a small Tribal ‘Bawm’ village just beside of the lake. One night in this ‘Bawm’ village can be a great experience.

Boga Mukh Para, Ramu, Bandarban.

How to get there
First need to reach at Bandarban from Dhaka by Bus.Then need to start towards ‘Koikhong jhiri’, Ruma Ghat by local Bus or ‘Chander Gari’.Cross river ‘Sangu’ by engine boat, will take 30 minutes to reach at Ramu Bazar.At ‘Ramu Bazar’ need to hire a guide and must register tourist name, guide name and additional informations to the military check post. One can stay at night there. ‘Ruma Bazar’ to ‘Boga Lake’ actually ‘Boga Mukh Para’ is about 29 km.From Ramu Bazar one can start journey by trekking through the ‘Jhiri Path’, it will take 7/8 hours to reach or can hire ‘Chander Gari’ and will take about 2.5 hours.After starting the journey by ‘Chander Gari’ need to register tourist’s name at police station and this journey to Boga Lake is not smooth. At the middle of the journey there is a stopes where can make some tea.After reaching the camp, need to walk to ‘Boga Lake’ or may manage the ‘Chander Gari’ again to reach up to the ‘Boga Mukh Para’ and will take extra 500 BDT.