Wed, January 24, 2018

Visit Bangladesh


No other country will ever give you the excitement of such variation of fishing. Bangladesh is the only place where fishermen still practice fishing with their trained otters. And amazingly this is nearly 200 years old tradition. This is way beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Mainly the fisherman from the Narail and Khulna districts use this technique. They usually catch fishes in the rivers north of the The Sunderbans forest. Even sometimes they enter into the majestic land of tiger through the river.

Among the three species of commonly found otters in Bangladesh, only Lutra perspicillata is used. This species is bred and trained specially for this purpose. The otters do not usually catch fish directly by themselves. Rather they chase the fishes to the fishermen’s net. When the net is full, the only job left for the fishermen is to pull up the net. Each time the total amount of captured fish may reach to 4 to 12 kg.

There are many tour operators that promotes special packages to experience fishing with otters. The tour may be adjacent to The Sunderbans tour. Fishing with otters after tracking down the footprints tiger can never get more exciting than this.