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Shopping in Bangladesh is more fun than you can ever imagine. You have probably even bought some from your own country. Our traditional handicrafts are world famous. The price in which these handicrafts are sold in is way cheaper but definitely better. Our country is famous for products like contemporary paintings, wood works, shital pati (mattress having cooling effect), bamboo decoration pieces, cane and conch shell products, gold and silver ornament, cotton, silk, gold, silver, jute, reed, brassware, traditional dolls, leather goods, pink pearls etc. Here are some products you definitely do not want to miss during your visit in Bangladesh. But remember these are not all of it. You will keep discovering hundreds of products all around Bangladesh.


Pink Pearl

Pink pearls are the best buy in Dhaka. These natural products are unparallel in luster. You can buy one from the stores at Gulshan-2 market.

Gold & Silver Jewelry


A wide range of gold and silver ornaments, silver filigree works etc. are considered by many travelers as exotic and mesmerizing.


Brass & Copperware

Among the best buys here are brass and copperware trays, wall decorations, vases etc. all are handmade with fine engravings and filigree work.


Jamdani Saree

5a54f3096aa3b7324f03bbacfd3fc234Another Bangladeshi wonder which is mesmerizing the whole world for ages is Jamdani. Jamdani, a find hand oven cotton cloth which is believed to be a fusion of the ancient cloth-making techniques of Bengal with the Muslins produced by the Bengali Muslims of medieval period, is the most expensive product and one of the most artistic product which requires the most lengthy and dedication from the makers. Apart from that our Tat Shilpo is also famous for its design and unique way of being produced.

You can buy Jamdani products from any store that sells Saree in Bangladesh. To be specific Baily Road and Mirpur Benaroshi is famous for Saree stores. And for products made of Tat you can visit:

  •  Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB), Karu Palli Sales Centre
  • Kumudini Handicrafts
  • BRAC-Aarong


Bangles and Beads

You can find many bangles and beads jewelry made by the finest hands of artisans in Bangladesh. Take as many as you can and lost in the colors of life.


Jute Products

Jute is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh. There are hundreds of products that can be made from jute fiber. This is why you will various jute products in the streets and stores of Bangladesh.


Pottery and Sculpture

Clay potters of Bangladesh have been related with their profession for a long time. The manual process of making pottery reflects our potters’ endless passion, devotion and affection to their divine creations. You can easily buy the finest pieces of handmade pottery in souvenir shop in Dhaka.

As our country has a deep artistic root influenced by the Hindu religion, religious sculpture and crafts — especially the ones which are made by the metal craftsmen of Dhamrai — are exotic in nature as well as passionate in its diverse usage. This 5000 year old tradition is still surviving the some 30 villages around Dhamrai. Even some families in Dhamrai are in this business for 200 years. The brass metal craft artisans of Dhamrai area practice four traditional methods; lost wax method, clay casting, sand casting and hammering. The old wax method is very critical and sophisticated, and only a handful number of artists are capable of this. It will take a few hours to visit the stores of metal crafts in Dhamrai. If you are more curious, you can go inside their house and experience how this is finest piece of art is being produced.


Where to go

List of Shopping Malls and stores


What to pay

You may have to bargain if you are buying from street shops. For bigger shops, the price is fixed. The owner of street shops won’t charge for value added tax but the bigger shops will charge for this.

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