Wed, January 24, 2018

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With a vast and rich traditional root, our arts and culture is not only divine but also it represents our people perfectly. You will see the effect of our artistic mind in our clothes, craftsmanship or even in our daily life. And quite honestly, sometimes our visual arts remain inexplicable because of its abundant complexity, critical artistic value and divine integrity. Our dedication to arts and long cultural background facilitates us in exceeding our imagination through our performance arts. We have so many musical instruments and so many versatile way of dancing to express our emotional saga. Bashi or bamboo flute, dhol or drums, single stringed instrument named ektara, four stringed instrument called dotara and a pair or metal brawls used for rhythmic effect named mandira are the most important musical instruments in Bangladeshi culture. In this era of globalization, western and other musical traditions have provided a great influence to our urban culture too.


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