Wed, January 24, 2018

Visit Bangladesh


The tribes in our hilly areas and other regions have their own unique way to express their artistic passion. Our tribal music and dance is as significant as our mainstream culture. They are of indigenous origin and also rooted with the Bangladeshi soil as much as any kind of Bangladeshi culture. Each tribe has its own dance and music numbers with their unique ways of expressing the spiritual being. Among the tribal dances, Monipuri and Santal are popular. A diverse range of Tribal festivals is celebrated and observed by the tribal community in all over Bangladesh. Their exotic music and dance combined with their long cultural heritage is not only eye-catching but also exciting to the viewers. While you are trekking through the rough hills of Bandarban or Rangamati, make sure your try the traditional foods of your tribal people. These foods are their heritage and the outcome of their diverse culture.

Anyone can actively and interactively experience their unique culture. An Adventure in Hill tracts tour or Wondering the alleys of tea garden can give you the satisfaction of experiencing the rich and unique diverse ethnicity of Bangladesh. If you want more, or if you are anthropologist or researcher hoping to get hundreds of information from their lifestyle, you can easily plan a schedule with the help of locals. And our tour operators are always there to help you with tour itineraries.