Wondering around the archaeological wonders of Bangladesh is definitely an experience never to be missed. Bangladesh is a rich in archaeological wealth which includes a diverse range of archaeological sites starting from the pre-Muslim to Muslim regimes. Even though there are plenty of archaeological sites which were explored and deeply studied for many years, there are plenty others which are assumed to be unexplored and unknown. This is why renowned archaeologists, from both Bangladesh and abroad, are still discovering archaeological sites that shed light on some unknown pages of the history.

Bangladeshi archaeological wonders are rich in archaeological facts. Many of our archaeological sites show our ancestor’s devotion towards religious, their concern and affection in art and culture, and specially their love towards humanity. All of these are reflected in architecture, artifacts, terracotta and other valuable remaining excavated from the sites.

In course of recent search by the Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh (1978-94) in four divisions of the country a prolific number of sites — 1,060 in Rajshahi division, 201 in Khulna division, 74 in Barisal division and 145 in Greater Faridpur — has been traced. It is assumed that the total archaeological sites in Bangladesh are approximately 2,500 in numbers. Among them, more than 300 sites and monuments have been declared protected on priority basis under the provisions of the Antiquities Act (XIV of 1968). Our entire collections of archaeological sites can be categorized in these following divisions:

World Cultural Heritage Sites

Major Archaeological Sites