Wed, January 24, 2018

Visit Bangladesh


The urban life in Bangladesh is as interesting as the rural and tribal life. You can easily blend in the alleys of Dhaka city and find yourself amazed by the people and their lifestyle. If the Old Dhaka gives you an essence of long gone past, then the New Dhaka will give you the glimpse of the present. Each blends perfectly with each other. Your urban experience will definitely be redefined.

This is the best tour if needs to get the most out of the immensely resourceful lands of Dhaka. This tour will cover the key attractions like Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil, Star Mosque, Armenian Church, Dhakeshwari Temple, and Buriganga launch terminal with adventurous rickshaw ride through the mystical alleys of Old Dhaka as well as local boat ride against the calm tides of historic Buriganga river. During the entire trip you will be blessed with the unforgettable memory of unique lifestyle of Bangladeshi people. This tour is a must if you want to take quick knowledge on the heritage, culture, and life of Dhaka city as well as Bangladesh. Meanwhile, you will get to taste the finest cuisines of Old Dhaka most of which are deeply affiliated with the taste of historic Mughal cuisine. After completing your trip, you may also want to go New Dhaka where you can visit places like Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban or National Parliament House, Central Shahid Minar, Curzon Hall and other architectural wonders.